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The Making & Marketing of Doceo – My $10K Side Project Challenge

The Making & Marketing of Doceo – My $10K Side Project Challenge

I recently released a small side project I’ve been working on to my subscribers.  The product ships as a packaged file that when imported onto an new installation of WordPress,  loads a fully configured membership site that delivers protected course content.  I called it Doceo.  What I love most about Doceo is that it provides a solution to a real problem that had been bugging me; how to deliver short courses without a complicated or expensive Learning Management System.

The other thing I love about Doceo, is that anybody could have created it.

Doceo is built using free resources.  It works because of S2member, Layerswp and a little bit of creativity.  I didn’t require any technical skills to build it.  There were no development costs and it didn’t eat into too much of my time.

So often people ask me how I come up with ideas. How do I build my products? Do I outsource? How long does it take and how do I market?

I’ll answer those questions (and more!) by sharing the process of creating Doceo and my plans for generating $10K from the product over several small launch phases.

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