Million Dollar Digital Product Launches – Lessons From JVZoo

Million Dollar Digital Product Launches – Lessons From JVZoo

Before JVZoo There Was Warrior Forum

Back when I started out all the launch action was happening on the infamous Warrior Forum where you could learn how to generate an income of eleventy billion dollars in 5 nano seconds even if you’re 90 and have never heard of the Internet.

What was great about Warrior Forum is it gave access to a community of product creators and affiliate marketers who could give even a newbie with a half decent product a great start.

Here’s one of the products I created back in 2012.  To say I ‘launched’ it on the Warrior Forum is far too flattering to my strategy skills at the time.  I paid the $20 listing fee and waited to see what would happen. I had no JV’s  and no list either!  So when I made a profit of $7706.28, with zero marketing effort, I was pretty pleased but I knew I needed to learn strategy.  It’s a work in progress 😉


Later that year when JVZoo emerged, the established players from the Warrior community supported their own and many of the bigger launches by the strongest Warriors were taken to this new platform.

I toddled along not too long after and a quick look at my stats today tells me I’ve been a JVZoo member for almost 5 years.

Let’s see what we can learn by taking a look at the JVZoo market place and the top launches that have happened there.

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