Hello, I’m Tracey Meagher (pronounced plain and simple MAR despite the crazy spelling!).

I’ve heard there’s gold on this here interwebs so I’m fixing to build me a product empire!!

tracey meagher
Tyre swinging is a lot harder than product creation!

Forget the Cowboys & Aliens accent. I do it really badly anyway!

I absolutely do believe the Internet is the new frontier. Those who dare to journey out into it will reap riches and unlike the Wild West this new frontier has no limits. I’m taking that journey right now and I hope if you are reading this, that you are too.

So here’s the ‘shortie’ version of “About Me” for those of you who aren’t that interested …

I’m an Irish web designer, Internet Marketer and Product Creator who has been working full time online for over 5 years.

Forty-something (yikes), 4 kids between 13 and 21 who motivate me everyday 🙂 . I have a passion for visuals, graphics, movies, dogs, weird stuff, laughing and of course, creating products to sell online.

I absolutely believe in products. Creating your own products is the best and most reliable way to build up online income … IMHO. I’m constantly challenging myself to come up with new ideas and I get seriously buzzed about implementing them.

Oh, I like to blog too, though it’s a challenge for me to form a habit (I’m habit resistent!) that will let me blog with any regularity .. but I’m trying HARD!

And here’ the more boring version for those of you who are that interested …

Once upon a time I was studying for a PhD in Sociology and I thought … this sucks, I wanna have my own business!

Soo oooo

I dropped out of my PhD in my final year. I was kinda thinking ‘you crazy fool’ (you did a Mr T accent, right?) but no regrets!


Anthony (my husband and backup left brain … coz mine’s not too reliable!) and I began working together and found ourselves with web design projects. We built from there and skilled ourselves providing websites to small business. I became pretty good at graphic design and also html/css/wordpress.

I went on to clock up over 10 years experience in web and graphic design, having built my first website for the Department of Sociology, NUI Maynooth just before I left in the late 90′s. Anthony was studying in the Department of Computer Science at the time and I guess they thought I knew techie stuff by association. It took me a month to build 10 html pages (dreamweaver … hadn’t heard of it!) . It was the 90′s so true to the design standards of the time .. it sucked! Thankfully I’ve come a long way since then!

About 5 years ago, I got the ‘make money online’ bug and started to sell my design services online. I much prefered the instant payment and fast turnaround. From there I found myself on the ‘imfamous’ Warrior Forum again selling graphic/web related products.

I still hang out on the Warrior Forum and have made some great friends there but I’m shifting my perspective a little now. Anthony and I are cooking up and awesome idea for the publishing market. That’s the current ‘biggie’ project.

Stay tuned to see how it goes for us.

Now that you know me … hows about we connect so I can get to know you?

Connect With Me!

There are lots of ways to connect with me and I will always try to respond as quickly as I possibly can. But please be patient if it does take me a little while! Here are the speediest ways to get in touch with me:

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  • En

    Hi Tracy,

    Awesome product collection; truly works of art!

    I’ve been trying to locate your sign-up page (also on http://traceysoffers.com/contact/), but to no avail. Would greatly appreciate if you could include me in your mailing/subscriber list.

    Thanks much,

  • nureen lakhani

    Dear Tracey,

    I came across your powerpoint slide on how ‘self promotion’ video — which just blew me away.

    As a current jobs seeker i am finding it difficult to find a job, and i believe this can help me.
    I am not Powerpoint savvy at all, but would really like some help with regards to what i am trying to achieve. I would appreciate your guidance / paid services for some more insight.

    I look forward to hearing from you shortly – my email address is nureen_lakhani1@hotmail.com

    Thank you

    Kind regards
    Nureen Lakhani

  • David

    Just wondering if your “Vydeo Showtime” is available any more? It’s really great what you’ve done with Powerpoint.