Followers love to see how a blog they’re a fan of evolves and what better way to show them than with an infographic?

I’ve created a PSD template to showcase your blog stats. It’s easy to edit.

Simply add your own colours, logo and stats and then go share your blog awesomeness with the world.



I Suck At Facebook

I’m one of those people that love/hates Facebook.  I pop in and go crazy for about a week and then I’m outta there for months on end. I just find social media frickin HARD!!

So I’m far too all over the place to keep up to date with my profile and I’m seriously neglectful of my pages which means I can probably never make money with Facebook, right?  Well you would think so …

But then, Mark Thompson, an English Internet Marketer (whom I highly respect as one of the ‘ethical’ guys) released a program called Reverse Blogging.

Reverse Blogging works on a simple concept.  Build and audience first and then create a blog.

We all know it’s always been the other way around and that doesn’t work out too well for most people.  Blog traffic is hard to come by but Facebook traffic is not!

Given how easy it is to create an audience on Facebook, you can see how Reverse Blogging can work.

So never one to refuse a challenge, I bought in to Mark’s program and I’m currently working through all the amazing insights, training and advice inside the members area.

But …

I still hate managing Facebook Pages!

There is, however, always a tool or a means to make doing what you hate easier and I found that tool in the form of a Facebook Post Automation script.

I bought rights to this script from a very cool developer because I figured if I need this with just a handful of pages to manage, how much does somebody with dozens of client pages or hundreds of their own need this!

Schedule Hundreds Of Images & Videos For Hundreds Of Pages

Look at this video to see how I scheduled 7 posts in about 2 minutes for just one of my pages.

FB Auto Postr – Free With Reverse Blogging

When you purchase Mark Thompson’s Reverse Blogging you get FB Auto Postr absolutely free

If Reverse Blogging is not for you, you can also buy FB Auto Postr right here for just $9!

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Full and comprehensive instructions are included. It’s super easy to set up.

However you do need your own hosting and know how to upload a folder to your server but that’s pretty much it.  

In no time, you can schedule hundreds of posts to hundreds of pages and go holiday in Honolulu knowing that your Facebook pages are being updated as you dodge sharks in 50 ft waves like a hero!

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You can choose what you'd like to pay for this product! The suggested price is USD suggested_price, and the maximum price is USD 12.

You Pay:

Drag the slide, or click the price to type in your own (up to 12)

Grand total:


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Have you ever felt yourself getting sleepy on the job? I bet you have!  And of course, if you’re like me, you’ll likely have tried to snap yourself out of your drowsy spell by straightening up, taking a deep breath and focusing with intent on the task you almost nodded off doing!

Somehow, there’s some kind of ‘employee’ guilt associated with being tired on the job, even if we’re working for ourselves. The ‘boss’ inside each of us demands we conform to the culture of productivity that turns our crazy world around.

That means being alert, being productive and definitely not napping!

But in fact, recent studies have shown that 30% of workers either fall asleep or become very sleepy at work, with 65% experiencing performance issues. While some employers are embracing the need to rejuvenate on the job, most are not so enlightened.

Well, let me tell you a little secret that those employes don’t know!

Naps are good for business and there’s science to prove it!

New information that enters our brain needs to be consolidated into long-term memory or else we simply forget it.  This consolidation happens when we sleep.

But here’s what’s really important and why napping is good for creativity and productivity.  When new information enters the brain it is associated with all of the other information we have accumulated and stored there.  New connections are formed between all the old stuff we know and the new stuff we’ve just processed.

From here some our best and most original ideas are formed.

While the image of a person jumping out of bed and grabbing a notepad to jot down their latest, greatest idea is something of a cliche, the fact remains that we are doing some of our best work while we are asleep.

Sleep is responsible for great works like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and not so great works like Stephanie Myer’s Twilight!

And have you ever wondered why babies sleep so much? You can bet that the amount of new information to be processed during our early years requires plenty of down time!


However, in our productivity driven, consumption obsessed world sleep is regarded as a weakness.  We admire those who can ‘survive’ on 4 hours a night.  We consider anybody falling asleep at the 2pm meeting not tired, but lazy.

Because of the negative associations with sleep it will be some time before we’ll see employers listen to the science and provide ‘nap rooms’ for employees.  If only they knew how it would improve business!

For those of us lucky enough to be our own bosses and to have the luxury of working at home, the nap room is only a few steps away.  It’s time you embraced your mid-morning sleepiness and stopped feeling guilty for taking 30 minutes to recharge your batteries.

After all, you may not be aware of it, but you’re working!

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LEVEL 1 LOGINClick To Login  Username: Jane Smith Password: level1member

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LEVEL 2 LOGINClick To Login  Username: John Smith Password: level2member

Setting Up A Membership Site Is A Pain In the Butt

Membership sites are pretty complicated to set up, right? If you’ve tried, you know the deal!

I’ve been creating membership sites for quite some time now for my own products and I’ve tried every script and plugin/theme combo out there.

Nothing did just what I wanted and if it did, it looked generic and ugly ( you must know the Optimize press/Wishlist combo which is not just ugly but darn expensive too at $594! )

I now use a setup that works like a dream and guess what … ?

You never will, so I’ll tell you ..

I use a free plugin called s2Member.  

Now, I wish I could tell you that setting up a profitable membership site with s2member is a walk in the park.  I guess it can be if you don’t want any bells and whistles or something special for your members. Me, I like to create pretty and user-friendly websites with great functionality.

So I’ve spent 6 months of trial and error putting together the perfect configuration of plugins and settings to create a professional membership site that does exactly what I need.

Now I can create membership sites in minutes simply by cloning my configuration!

And I’d like you to be able to do the same.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about these sites.

My Custom Configured Membership Sites Have  …

  • Custom styled AdminLogin Pages
  • Custom menus for logged in and logged out members
  • Custom personalized dashboard pages that present users information in neat tabs.
  • Ability to hide content according to membership levels
  • Ability to redirect pages to payment area.
  • Front-end login form
  • Pretty pricing plan pages
  • Drip fed content
  • Secure file download
  • Limits on file download by membership type
  • Integration with Amazon S3 file storage.
  • Integration with Amazon for protected media streaming
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Integration with Warrior Plus for automatically adding buyers at different funnel levels after purchase.
  • Integration with JVZoo for automatically adding buyers at different funnel levels after purchase.
  • Work with any theme
  • And lots more …

Because you can clone the configuration as many times as you like (we’ll show you how!) this is a rare opportunity to get an unlimited number of professional membership sites that can be used to launch your products or services with PayPal, Warrior Plus or JVZoo!

Order Now From Just $147

20 4 Left. The button will disappear once all 20 installations have been purchased.

Important … Read This!

If you'd like the premium theme I use, please select $suggested_price. If you'd like the installation on the WordPress 2013 theme please $minimum_price!. If you'd like the the site configured on a theme of your choice, please select $197.

You Pay:

Drag the slide, or click the price to type in your own (up to 197)

Grand total:


Some FAQ’s

  • After payment you’ll need to provide information, including admin login for your WordPress installation.
  • You site will be delivered in no less than 5 days (typically a lot faster but if aliens invade and we’ve got to go underground for a bit, there could possibly be some delays!)
  • You will receive full documented training on how to use your site.
  • You will receive full support after the setup
  • You can clone the configuration to create as many membership sites as you like in the future (we’ll show you exactly how to do this. It takes five minutes!)



Stuck for a Kindle cover? These two covers are perfect for non-fiction style books.

The design is clean and fresh. You can very easily change colors, font, images and icons for a cover that’s unique to your book.

The files are layered PSD files. Size is 1563px x 2500px.

Use them for anything you like (just don’t sell them or claim them as your own!)

Last week, I posted the dudette version of this very cool hispter dude.

The girl was pretty cool on her own but teamed up these guys could be very useful.  I don’t have to tell you that you can use these characters in presentations, on book covers, timeline covers, banner and so much more.

Like the girl, the guy version has 8 poses to work with. The files are layered PSD files, all vector shapes so they’ll scale to whatever size you need them to be.

You are welcome to use these in your personal projects or projects for clients.

Credit back to this page would be nice!

Free Global Infographic PSD

Once in a while I’ll see something on GraphicRiver that will blow me away.  It happens a lot but most recently it was this Earth Illustrated Infographic.

Seeing this, inspired me to create my own version which I’m offering to you here for free!

It’s a layered PSD files so you can very easily play around with colours, lighting and setting and make this very unique.

The infographic elements are also included.
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How long has it been since I’ve added any freebies here to my site. Way too long!! So here you go …

A free PSD character set of a pretty hip looking woman. This character set has a contemporary style. Can’t you just imagine her working in a startup!

You’ve got 8 poses to work with. The files are layered PSD files, all vector shapes so they’ll scale to whatever size you need them to be.

You are welcome to use these in your personal projects or projects for clients. They’ll look great on book covers, in Powerpoint Presentations too!

Credit back to this page would be nice!


So what do you think about Gmail’s inbox tabs? Scary stuff for marketers, right?

It’s difficult enough to get emails opened when they are in full view, but now there’s an additional hurdle; hoping your customer will bother to look inside the Promotions tabs. I mean, seriously, who willingly goes looking for spam?

So with such dramatic changes to how your emails are being received, you’re probably imagining doomsday stats of 0.1% open rates right now.

(If that’s your current open rate … … awkward silence!).

But just how freaked out should you be?

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7 Simple Logo Design Techniques Using Photoshop Shapes

Have you ever been stuck for a logo on a new blog, your niche site or a product cover? Bet you have! And you’ve probably considered paying hundreds of dollars to have one designed? Guess what, creating your own logo is not that difficult at all and with a little imagination and Photoshop’s custom shapes tool, you can have a logo designed in just a couple of minutes.

Let me show you how.

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