How To Easily Segment Your List With ConvertPlug Forms

How To Easily Segment Your List With ConvertPlug Forms

Recently I opened my AWeber account, looked at my ever growing list of ‘lists’ and thought okay, it’s time to do something about this.  I knew I had overlap, with buyers of one product being on another list for another product and maybe even being on a list for free downloads too.  You get the idea.  I wasn’t segmenting and as a result my account was a mess. I needed to take more control of it.

This meant some serious list hygiene followed up with a list segmentation strategy, especially as I was planning to implement Bryan Harris’ content upgrades technique which involves giving additional post specific content away free in exchange for an email.  If I didn’t do this, I could easily end up with hundreds of small lists in my account and tonnes of duplicate subscribers rather than one nicely segmented list.

Why Segment Your List?

While my motive for segmenting is to keep a record of who downloads which bonuses from my blog, there could be many reasons why you might need to segment your list.

Maybe you’re running multiple lead generation campaigns around a single promotion or product launch and need to target subscribers who downloaded lead magnet A.

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The Making & Marketing of Doceo – My $10K Side Project Challenge

The Making & Marketing of Doceo – My $10K Side Project Challenge

I recently released a small side project I’ve been working on to my subscribers.  The product ships as a packaged file that when imported onto an new installation of WordPress,  loads a fully configured membership site that delivers protected course content.  I called it Doceo.  What I love most about Doceo is that it provides a solution to a real problem that had been bugging me; how to deliver short courses without a complicated or expensive Learning Management System.

The other thing I love about Doceo, is that anybody could have created it.

Doceo is built using free resources.  It works because of S2member, Layerswp and a little bit of creativity.  I didn’t require any technical skills to build it.  There were no development costs and it didn’t eat into too much of my time.

So often people ask me how I come up with ideas. How do I build my products? Do I outsource? How long does it take and how do I market?

I’ll answer those questions (and more!) by sharing the process of creating Doceo and my plans for generating $10K from the product over several small launch phases.

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4 Simple Meme Types That Will Go Viral Today

4 Simple Meme Types That Will Go Viral Today

Isn’t it crazy that one of the most successful ways to market online involves sharing funny images?  What would Don Draper think!?

Actually, I think he might quite like the idea.

Ok, so maybe meme marketing is not all about funny images.  There’s funny videos too!

Not to mention shocking images and videos, awe-inspiring images and videos and basically any visual content that viewers feel worthy of sharing.

And they do, by the billions!

For this reason memes are an important element of most modern day marketing campaigns. They are used prolifically by the biggest brands names such as Coca-Cola and Levis’, and even politicians seeking to drive debate and votes in Presidential election campaigns.

Though they might seem like silly, trivial content, memes are extremely powerful mechanisms for sending messages, driving opinion and building traffic!

Meme marketing, known as “memetic marketing” is just one component of Image Based Marketing, a trend that has become widely popular since the growth of social networking sites.

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Blog Images Made Super Dooper Easy

Blog Images Made Super Dooper Easy

One of the things I hate, hate, HATE about finishing a blog post is getting a great looking image to showcase it.

It usually goes like this …. spend an hour writing a post (victory dance moment!!) only to spend 3 hours trying to get an image that works and usually ending up with one that sucks anyway!

Well, I got tired of that scenario and solved my problem. And I’m happy to be sharing that solution with you today!

I guess being a graphics geek kinda has it’s perks!

If you own Photoshop (and even if you don’t, Gimp and Pixlr will do fine) you can download my ‘Blog Image’ Creative Toolkit.

It’s full of free to use stock photos with room to add many of your own, filters to Instagram-ify your images, text layouts, shapes and lighting effects.

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All The Stuff Your Competitors Know About Explainer Videos

All The Stuff  Your Competitors Know About Explainer Videos

Explainer videos. What are they, what do they do and why your business needs one.

Explainer Videos get their name from the word ‘explanation’!

An explanandum (a Latin term) is a phenomenon that needs to be explained and its explanans is the explanation of that phenomenon!

The irony!  The explanation for the world explanation is so complicated!! I mean … really???

I prefer to think of it this way. An explanation is a way to communicate ideas meaningfully.   Creating a really great explanation involves transforming facts into a more understandable collection of ideas and concepts.

Explanations help to clarify why something (a law, an idea, a process, a product, or service for example) makes sense, so making it easier for peeps like you and me, to understand.

Explanations enable people to “see an idea from a personal perspective”, so allowing them to make educated decisions about whether they want to invest their time, money, or energy to learn more about the idea.

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How To Make Your Customers Love You & Hate Your Competitors (Ssshh! It’s Easy!)

How To Make Your Customers Love You & Hate Your Competitors (Ssshh! It’s Easy!)

Acquiring a customer is a very special moment and it’s all to easy to forget that when people are buying from us anonymously across the interwebs.  Without face to face interaction, we kinda forget to be nice!

Just because it’s not a face to face interaction, doesn’t mean that the relationship has to be any less valued than if the customer walked into your store, handed you a fifty and bought your product … which I’m sure would make you smile at the very least, say thank you and maybe even give them a great big bear hug (more shop owners should do that!!)

In fact, with everything being so transparent across social media, it’s more important than ever to respect that relationship.

Because we’re selling on much larger scale on the internet,  this requires continual hard work on your behalf.

However, there are simple things that you can do to make this process run more smoothly, keep your customers happy and loyal, and increase your sales all at the same time.

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Free ‘About Me’ PSD Template

Free ‘About Me’ PSD Template

Don’t you find the worst case ever of writer’s block comes over you when you open that ‘About Me’ page?

There’s something beyond mentally crippling about trying to sum yourself up in a few words, while also making yourself sound … well interesting!

So how about this for an idea?

Instead of trying to crunch out a few hundred words about your very interesting self, why not crunch out a few numbers, facts and figures and mix them all up in nice infographic style ‘about me’ page!

But where would I get such an infographic Tracey?

I’m hearing ya!

And the answer is right here at the link below!  Enjoy!

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Back To Basics. The 5 Fundamentals That Everyone Forgets About Writing An Ad

Back To Basics. The 5 Fundamentals That Everyone Forgets About Writing An Ad

Most of us are not copywriters, nor do we have the time to master that skill.

But we do, as online marketers need ads!

So how can talentless wannabe copywriters like ourselves write effective ad copy that will actually work?

Fret not! There are some simple rules that believe it or not makes the whole process actually kinda easy!

All Ads Are Not Created Equal

First, best to know that ads have two different purposes.

1. Awareness or brand advertising. This is usually performed by advertising agencies for larger businesses.

The purpose of this type of advertising is to keep a brand in people’s minds so that when it comes time to make a purchase your brand is the first one they will think of. Through constant reminder and familiarity, your customer will come to prefer your brand over others. So, the intent is not to encourage a prospect to make a purchase, or perform an action, immediately. For this we use direct response advertising.

2. Direct-response advertising aims to encourage a prospect to perform an action of some kind; phone us, fill out a contact form, sign up to your newsletter, visit our website, buy a product.

The Internet is a perfect platform for direct-response advertising, as we can track an ad campaigns success by monitoring prospect actions after they have seen an ad. For example, do they click it?

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Convert An SWF File To An Animated GIF and MOV file Using Photohsop

Explaindio and Video Maker FX users have access to dozens (hundreds for those who get monthly slide packs) of .swf animated images.  They’re accessible to everybody right inside the applications content folder.

How useful would it be to be able to convert those animations to file formats that can be used in other software?

You all know I’m a huge fan of using animated gifs in PowerPoint and .mov files are great for screencast software like Camtasia or Screenflow.

So let’s take a look at how to work some magic on those .swf and open up a world of other possibilities!

For this tutorial, you’ll need to download a free piece of software called SWFRenderer .  Be sure to scroll to the very bottom of the page for the unsupported (and free!) older version.

Once you’ve got that installed, Photoshop will do the rest!